Neoheal Hydrogel Dressing

About the dressing

Neoheal dressing is a new, unconventional mean, facilitating the treatment and accelerating healing of different kinds of wounds, especially: burn wounds, ulceration, bedsores, all kinds of skin damages in which humid medium is favorable.

Neoheal was developed by using the special Hydrogel -Technology with the innovative concept of “Moist Wound Healing”. A wound which keeps moist can heal faster because newly formed cells can divide and move faster under such environment than under a wound scab.

Hydrogel dressings Neoheal are an aqueous composition of natural and synthetic polymers such as: polyvinylopyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol and agar, cross linked by a beam of electrons. Due to radiation processing the product is fully sterile. In the end-use form it represents 3 mm thick hydrogel sheet, containing over 90% of water.